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The value of commitment will be appreciated by any leader who is faced with ambitious goals, periods of change and challenges. Above all, however, commitment works every day, because all employees simply care more. In the book you will find both inspiration, specific hints, examples and business cases. "Engaging Leader" is a collection of several years of our experience regarding what works and what does not work in the realities of Polish business.

The book "Engaging leader. Engage so you don't have to motivate"

  • In today's business world, the importance of engagement is growing. We observe that not every leader is aware of how much influence he has on them. We believe that conscious building of commitment in the organization definitely improves the company's results and translates into long-term loyalty and responsibility of employees. Engaging management will be appreciated not only by your employees. You will feel the business, relational and personal effect yourself, because management will give you greater satisfaction. You will learn how to focus together with your team on what builds the business. You will receive specific tips on how to conduct leadership conversations, in which you will activate the employee's sense of responsibility, initiative for new actions, readiness for challenges. You will see common mistakes as well as proven solutions. The book is based on both research and specific experiences gained in working with several thousand Leaders over the last 8 years. In the book, we give you simple and proven tips that you can use the next day. If you apply them, you will feel that you are becoming a better and more effective Leader. The book is dedicated to those who want to have the best employees, build their loyalty and reach the top together with them.

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