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Nobody lives in a social vacuum. In any case, no one should live in it. Man is a social being who needs other people to function healthily, fully and happily. Meeting them, spending time, talking. Unfortunately, relationships are often laced with a certain underlying fear. There is nothing the human brain fears more than rejection. It's natural - if proper social contacts are so important for survival, the idea of losing them must be frightening. And to provoke self-defense. And the self-defense of the human brain is communication toxins.

Like any "reflexive" defense system, communication toxins have some good purposes, but... very often they bring negative consequences. Infiltrated day after day, they become the main cause of misunderstandings and conflicts between people. In business, they are the reason for ineffective meetings, lack of approach referred to as "playing one goal" and a decrease in commitment. They kill the sense of partnership, destroy trust, weaken creativity. What one person's brain may at the moment consider to be the right response to the toxin sent by the brain of another, in effect produces the opposite results It works negatively for both sides - whether it's co-workers at neighboring desks or interlocutors at the negotiating table.

Fortunately, we are not helpless in the face of our own and other information toxins.

Take advantage of the latest neurobiological, psychological, sociological and business knowledge and see that you are able to neutralize communication toxins. And even more - harnessing them to work on building good, lasting and effective relationships. At work and at home."

Let's talk to each other like people. Communication detox

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